My Name is Tracey

I am a Passionate Crafter of Custom Résumés

A real person with real world experience, ready to help you take it to the next level.

I run a small, boutique résumé design service, personalizing each résumé to the individual job seeker who hires me. I’m not running a large organization, needing to churn out hundreds of stock résumés to make a profit.

I enjoy working with motivated job seekers who are eager to obtain that perfect-fit employment opportunity but who just aren’t sure how to get their qualifications well demonstrated on paper.

Most people will write only one or two résumés during their working lifetime. Knowing the ins and outs of crafting this infinitely important document is not something you need to know to get hired. After all, you’re not being hired to write a résumé. You simply need a great one to land you the interview.

Why Me?

During my time in the Human Relations department of a large law firm, hiring for a variety of positions, I reviewed hundreds of résumés. It was a task I took very seriously. In fact, my desire to be not only competent but also exceptional at my job led to my pursuing a master’s degree in HR from Cornell University.

Labor and employment law is a complex and regulatory system that impacts the recruitment, hiring, maintenance, promotion, and firing of employees. Since I was completing these tasks on behalf of a law firm, I wanted to be certain I knew what the heck I was doing. HR is not a place to wing it.

What I discovered while working for Lewis Roca Rothgerber is that my love of Grammar, together with my strong desire to help people, made me particularly suited to helping job seekers craft résumés that get results.

My Mission

Reading résumés is one of the hardest jobs there is. You might be surprised to learn that there are several fears that may come to your hiring manager’s mind while she is reading your résumé: one is that she will overlook a great candidate because the document doesn’t articulate your skills. I’ve seen résumés where I had to search for the meat and some that were so general they could have been copied and pasted from anywhere by anyone.

The other factor that gives us trepidation is believing a candidate might be worth interviewing, but then needing to pass because the errors on the page are too glaring to overlook. You would be surprised how often this was the case for me. In fact, it is one of the reasons I wanted so badly to start this business. The number of times I wanted to pick up the phone and say, “for the love of a good job, fix these horrible errors and get yourself hired!”

I hope the person reviewing your résumé will be able to sift through the enormous amount of information on the page and ascertain whether your strengths, skills, talents, and abilities meet their needs. But the truth is, you have little room for error. For the position for which you are hoping to interview, there may be a hundred résumés for the hiring manager to review.

I am passionate about setting up your document so your unique competencies stand out, demand attention, and secure the interview.