Traditional, One-Page, No Icons Résumé

Although at first glance, this résumé seems downright simple, it is a workhorse. Having said that, I don’t advocate for a résumé that is all bullet points, as this one is. This particular candidate was asked to produce a document in this format. When a prospective employer asks for the document to be delivered in a particular format, it is not only wise but imperative that the request is honored.

Looking at the positives, first, it is very easy to read, partially because the format is one that is familiar to hiring managers, but also because there is sufficient white space to provide direction for the eye to follow. Second, it isn’t as simple as it first appears. Subtle elements like the gray title lines with black underline delineating the sections and right-aligning the dates show attention to detail a hiring manager will appreciate.

For a candidate applying to jobs in traditional fields, this is a very effective format.