Two Page Gray & White Résumé

In this example—which is mine, by the way—we have a candidate who has been in the job market for a number of years and worked at various careers. At a quick glance, the hiring manager can get a sense for the length of service this candidate has dedicated to each employer. A two-page résumé is necessary in this case because of the time span and multiple employers to be identified. Furthermore, it is obvious that this candidate is leading with work experience as the number one selling point.

Because this candidate has worked in several different fields, it is important to call out right up at the top, the overall theme of this person’s character. As most positions seek candidates who identify as problem solvers, cooperative team players, and clear communicators, we’ve made a point to speak to that right at the top of the page.

This would not be the right layout choice for a candidate who spent a short period of time at several employers because the hiring manager would quickly ascertain a lack of commitment to one job/employer.